‘The Man in the High Castle’ to premiere in UK on May 24th

SUNDAY 3RD MAY: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE will be shown in cinemas on Saturday 3 May.

It will also be shown on Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies and Sky Sport on Saturday. 

The film stars Matt Smith as the title character, a Scottish writer who is sent to a mysterious castle in the middle of nowhere to escape the clutches of his sinister cousin (played by Sam Heughan) in order to find his missing brother (Jonny Lee Miller). 

Smith’s role in The Man in The High Castle is a significant return for him after the first film was an immediate hit and made him a household name in Ireland. 

Smith, who is best known for his role as The Thick Of It’s Jack Nicholson in the film, is a leading man who is more than willing to use any excuse to get himself into trouble.

He also likes to go on adventures and is seen to have a knack for solving crimes. 

In The Man In The High Castle, he plays a writer who gets sent to the castle by his uncle (Matt Smith) to solve a murder mystery. 

He soon finds himself in a world of his own where he must deal with the repercussions of the murder. 

A lot of the action is set in Scotland, but it is the Scottish countryside that makes the film’s location so intriguing.

It is also home to some of the most bizarre creatures in the world, like the Loch Ness Monster and a bizarrely-named wolf. 

For a film that takes place in a castle and has a lot of castles in it, The Man With The Green Hair will also have a fair share of Scottish landmarks, including the famous Old Bridge. 

It will be the first Irish film to be screened in cinemacres in the UK and the first English film to screen in the country since Sherlock Holmes in 1952. 

As well as having a British premiere, it is also the first time the film will be screened on Sky Sports in the US. 

THE MAN IN HIGHLAND: THE MOVIE IS coming to UK cinemas this month on Saturday 3 April, in the Sky Arts-exclusive theatre of the year The Royal Shakespeare Company broadcast from 21:00 on Friday 29th March. 

You can also catch The Man with the Green Hair in cinemascope on Sky, Sky Sports and Sky Movies. 

 The Man With the Green Head, a UK-made animated feature from Irish animation studio, The Orchard, has also been picked up for Sky Arts UK on Saturday 2 May. 

Sky Arts is the world’s largest cinema subscription service offering premium channels and on-demand movies to more than 100 countries. 

More: The man in the high castle  will be shown on Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies and Sky Sport on Saturday 3 May from 21:00 local GMT (02:00) until 22:00 (03:00). 

For Sky Cinema subscribers, the man with the green head will be available on all Sky cinemas from Friday 29th March until Sunday 1 May at 13:00 local GMT. 

To find out more about Sky Arts, please visit www.skyaustralia.com.

What the internet wants to know about Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The Orange County sheriff’s office announced it would stop allowing its employees to wear orange jumpsuits, citing safety concerns.

Orange County Sheriff Jim McDonnell told the Orange County Register the decision to stop wearing orange jumpsuit is “due to concerns regarding the impact the clothing has on employees, their families and the community.”

The county has been facing criticism for allowing deputies to wear blue jumpsuits that don’t conform to California’s code of ethics.

McDonnell also defended the department’s decision to wear the jumpsuits.

“I know this is a controversial issue, and I understand that, but I think the Orange and County Sheriffs Office is doing what is best for our community,” he said.

McConnell told the Register the jumpsuit restrictions have been in place since the fall of 2016.

“It’s been a tough year,” he told the paper.

“We’re just trying to keep our community safe.”

The Orange County Public Defender’s Office also released a statement, saying “Orange County is committed to protecting the public and is taking the appropriate actions to protect public safety.”

How to eat a whole orange

From the start of the year, many people in the UK have been eating a whole Orange Dog, or orange juice.

That’s because it’s an excellent source of vitamin C and other nutrients.

But it’s not always easy to find a full supply, and the company behind the orange juice has a history of misleading the public about what it actually contains.

The story of Orange Dog goes back to its founding in 1966.

Its founder, a chemist named Alan Mackey, believed that if a dog ate an orange a day, its metabolism would increase by 50 per cent, and its heart rate would go up by 30 per cent.

This is known as the macronutrient theory, which has been a central part of nutritional medicine for more than 50 years.

The idea that orange juice increases metabolism has been around since the 1970s.

But some scientists have argued that orange-flavoured orange juice does actually increase heart rate and blood pressure.

A few studies have suggested that it may actually do the opposite.

For example, the National Institutes of Health has found that the high-fructose corn syrup in many orange-drinkers’ diets is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks.

Some studies have also suggested that orange juices, with their high fructose content, may be bad for you.

So Mackey’s company, Tropicalana, went on to develop its own version of the orange dog, called Orange Dog 3.1, which it advertised in the USA and UK as a “real orange juice” that contains “the highest amount of antioxidants in the world”.

This was, of course, untrue.

In the UK, it sold only a few bottles of Orange Dogs, and they were very expensive.

It did not advertise them as a whole product, so it is impossible to say exactly how much orange juice there actually was in the package.

But the company claimed that its orange juice was 100 per cent pure, and that it was 100% pure orange juice that was “fully processed”.

But that claim was not true either.

It also made a false claim that the orange-juice it sold was “all natural”, despite it containing artificial colours and preservatives.

And in a 2007 press release, the company said that its product was “100 per cent safe” and “100% certified organic”.

That was not quite true either, according to a 2010 analysis of the ingredients in Orange Dog that the company had been making for some time.

Researchers tested Orange Dog for various vitamins and minerals.

They found that “the vitamin content is quite low, and [the product] is high in the form of sugar and preservative”, and they found that it contained “low amounts of vitamin B12, zinc, copper, magnesium and potassium”.

But the researchers also found that a lot of the vitamins and mineral content in the orange drink was “unknown”.

Some vitamins and nutrients were not even listed on the label.

These included calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B6.

And they found “high levels of vitamin E and vitamin C” in the bottle.

It was all very misleading, said Dr. Peter Breen, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Breen was not satisfied with the product.

He argued that Orange Dog’s labels did not list the amount of calcium or vitamin D in the drink.

He said it was misleading because it made no distinction between the amount listed on labels and the amount that was actually present.

“If the label says the product is 100 per head, what they mean is 100% vitamin D and 100% calcium,” Breen said.

But that was not the case.

Baskets of oranges were packaged in orange juice boxes, which contained calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and other vitamins.

And there were labels for the vitamin content of the drink itself.

But according to Dr. Stephen Jones, a nutritionist at the Royal Veterinary College in London, the labels are not actually the only thing that can mislead.

In a press release issued in 2007, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the UK’s equivalent of the British Veterinary Association, said that it is the “responsibility of the consumer” to make sure that all the food, drinks and foods they buy are “pure and of high quality”.

They said that the FDA should regulate all the foods and drinks that are sold.

Jones said that consumers need to be aware that the label on the orange beverage does not actually tell you how much vitamin C or vitamin C-rich fruit it contains.

He also said that some brands of orange juice are more than 100 per pack.

It’s all very confusing.

And I don’t think that people are aware that they’re consuming a lot more than the recommended amount of vitamin A and B12 per day, said Jones.

But Mackey did not stop there.

He decided to change the label to Orange Dog as a separate product, and advertised it as a brand-name drink

Why you need to be careful when buying new orange vehicles

The cost of orange cars is rising.

The price of new orange cars in the country has gone up by 40 per cent over the past three years.

The state government has already taken steps to reduce the sticker price of orange vehicles by 20 per cent from Rs 12,000 to Rs 6,000.

However, this price hike is going to be imposed on the new cars too.

The new price hike of Rs 6.50 is going towards the cost of paint and body paint.

The government has said that it will also make a list of all the cars that can be painted for less than Rs 5,000, and the list of the cars with paint costing more than Rs 6 of Rs 12.

The State Transport Minister, N Srinivasan, said that the state government will ensure that all cars with orange body and paint cost less than 50,000 rupees.

The car with paint cost more than 50 lakh rupees would be banned from entering the State.

When is the next big thing coming out of this lab?

The lab is home to some of the most innovative and interesting new products, including the “taste-testing” of new chemicals, the creation of a novel new polymer for a new gel and the development of a new technique for creating nanoparticles.

The lab also has a wide array of students.

Some have been working on drugs for years, but not all are students.

They come from all walks of life, from engineers to doctors and engineers to people in the field of biomedicine.

The school is open for the rest of the school year.

Orange Beach, CA, police officers are under fire after posting anti-Trump memes on Facebook

Orange Beach police officers posted a photo of themselves dressed in white, armed with guns, on Facebook Tuesday night, a day after the election of President Donald Trump.

The photo was posted on social media by Officer Ryan Gagliardi, according to an Orange Beach Police Department (OPD) news release.

The photo showed the officers dressed in their uniforms and holding guns.

The post has since been removed.

The image shows a white officer holding a handgun while in a police uniform and wearing a blue uniform.

The officer appears to be standing next to a vehicle with a black bumper sticker.

Gagliatti said the post was meant to be a joke.

“My intent was to joke around with my family and friends,” Gagciardi said in a statement.

“I know some people may not agree, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the many good people who voted for me and I look forward to the many things we can accomplish together.

I will continue to do what I can to help people and the city that I love.”

A police officer is seen during a press conference at the Orange County Courthouse in Orange Beach on December 14, 2020.

A federal lawsuit filed in April against Orange Beach and other Orange County law enforcement agencies alleged officers violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by creating and using the racist post and posting it on social networks.

The lawsuit alleged the post and others such as it constituted a form of hate speech, a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Acts (ADA).

The lawsuit also alleged the posts created a hostile work environment, an unlawful exercise of authority and an unlawful invasion of privacy.

In its lawsuit, the Department of Justice (DOJ) alleged the officers violated federal law by creating the Facebook post, which is prohibited by the ADA.

A lawyer for the OPD said the officer had no intention of harming anyone and had posted it to mock Trump and “act out” the event.

In an email to The Associated Press, the police department said Gagliai and two other officers were suspended and would be placed on paid administrative leave.

The OPD also said the department would conduct a review of all Facebook posts.

A post by Officer Mark Stollberg, who has been with the department for eight years, showed a gun, a hat, and a white shirt.

A post by Sgt. Mark Stowell, who was with the OPP for 11 years, said he was a police officer.

The tweet read: “It’s time to be more than a football team!

Be the team that protects the people, not the team the people protect!”

The photo also showed a group of officers dressed up in camouflage uniforms with white stars on their helmets.

In the background, a helicopter flies above a group holding an American flag.

In a statement, Orange Beach Mayor Robert L. Johnson called the officers’ actions “hateful and disrespectful.”

“I know many are offended by the racist imagery on these posts, but it is the antithesis of what this great city stands for,” Johnson said in the statement.

Melbourne Victory to sell the first of a new stadium in a new suburb

Melbourne Victory has confirmed it will sell the iconic Orange Grove Football Club, its first-ever stadium in an inner-city suburb.

The Victory, which won the A-League title last season and is currently leading the A-, B-, A- and A-league, announced the sale of the 30,000-seat stadium, which is located on the corner of the Orange Grove and Bentleigh roads.

“The Orange Grove is a part of the community and we have great passion for it,” Victory chief executive officer David Jacobs said.

So, it is a real honour to be partnering with this club.””

It is a community of footballers and football supporters, who love their football and want to be able to enjoy it on their own terms.”

So, it is a real honour to be partnering with this club.

“Vicente Guimaraes is in charge of the new home of the Victory and will be in charge for the next five years.

The club is expected to begin construction of a 10,000 seat, $2 billion stadium in the next 12 months.

It will be the first major sporting venue to be built in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The $2.5 billion stadium will be a major addition to Melbourne’s central business district and will include a food court and cafe.

It is the first football stadium to be constructed in Victoria and will open to the public in 2021.

Victory said the stadium would be a “significant asset” for the city and the surrounding region.”

Orange Grove is an iconic community and it is such a fantastic amenity to be a part to its future,” Jacobs said in a statement.”

We will be working closely with the local community to ensure it is built with the highest standards.

Why orange fruit is so nutritious

By now, you’re probably familiar with the orange fruit that is so ubiquitous in American cuisine.

You know that fruit that you can’t get enough of.

And you probably also know that orange juice.

You probably know that one of the most popular types of orange juice, the juice from an orange tree, is made from a variety of fruits called orange blossom oranges.

And, like all fruit, orange blosse is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and it’s the fruit that’s most popular in the U.S. As the world gets hotter, and as our taste buds get bigger, we are becoming increasingly concerned about our health.

And for good reason: there are many health benefits to eating more fruits and vegetables than we currently do.

Here’s a look at some of the health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables.1.

You may lose weight.

A recent study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that consuming more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains for six weeks led to an increase in weight loss.2.

It can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

A 2015 review published in Diabetes Care concluded that eating more whole fruits and veggies was linked to a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetic disease.3.

It’s the perfect energy source.

A 2017 study published by the journal Science found that eating a moderate amount of fruit and vegetable consumption during a high-calorie diet was associated with a reduction in total body weight and waist circumference, as well as a decrease in insulin resistance, and a reduction of serum total and LDL-cholesterol levels.4.

It reduces inflammation.

A 2014 review published by Cell Metabolic Reviews found that high intakes of fruits and other fruits and vegetable foods during a low-caloric diet were associated with an increase of serum levels of interleukin-6, which is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.5.

It improves your memory.

A study published on December 31, 2017, in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that a single serving of a fruit juice contains a whopping 1.9 milligrams of vitamin C, which can help with memory loss, cognitive impairment, and mental disorders.6.

It promotes weight loss and weight loss prevention.

A 2012 review published on February 24, 2018, in PLOS ONE found that, in a randomized, controlled trial, eating less orange blanche (or any fruit) for two weeks resulted in a reduction by 17 percent in weight lost, an increase by 4 percent in waist circumference reduction, and an increase from 10 to 20 percent in plasma glucose levels.7.

It lowers the risk for heart disease.

A 2013 review published February 20, 2018 in PLos ONE found a positive effect of a Mediterranean diet (the Mediterranean diet is a combination of Mediterranean fruits and fruits and veg and nuts, plus low-fat dairy) on reducing the risk from coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, and all-cause mortality.8.

It increases your mood.

A 2016 review published January 21, 2018 by the American Heart Association concluded that a Mediterranean-style diet (a diet rich in whole fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods) reduces the risk by 10 percent of all-causes-related mortality, from a risk of 2.8 to 1.6 per 1,000 persons.9.

It helps with acne.

A review published March 4, 2018 on the British Medical Journal found that citrus fruits have been shown to improve acne by reducing the production of sebum and increasing the production and transport of lactic acid, an acid that causes acne.10.

It boosts your immune system.

A 2011 review published the journal Clinical and Molecular Immunology found that fruit and veggie consumption during pregnancy resulted in an increase to serum levels and a decrease to levels of IL-10, a cytokine that is responsible for the production, distribution, and activation of a variety, including T-cells and macrophages.11.

It aids digestion.

A 2009 review published Food and Chemical Toxicology found a significant effect of whole fruit and leafy vegetables on the metabolism of dietary macronutrients, which includes iron, zinc, and vitamin C.12.

It protects against Alzheimer’s disease.

Research published in The Lancet Neurology in 2015 found that the consumption of a low fat, high fiber diet reduced the incidence of Alzheimer’s dementia in the elderly.13.

It makes you feel good.

A 2008 review published The Lancet Neurosciences found that consumption of whole fruits increased the secretion of epinephrine, which promotes brain function and improves cognitive performance.14.

It keeps you active.

A 2007 review published PLOS Medicine found that fruits and fruit juices contain more vitamin C and are more than 50 percent less energy dense than juice from other fruits.15.

It enhances digestion.

One study published The American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology, and Metabolics (AJPEAM) published in March 2017 found that orange bloess, or orange juice from oranges, contain more antioxidants and fiber than